What Is The Process Of Becoming A Parent Through The Help Of A Surrogate?


Free consultation to help you make the right decision, we will explain the whole surrogate process, plan your IVF schedule and service terms.


Sign and return our retainer agreement with a small initial payment.


Complete a short profile, then meet with our case specialist and legal team.


Match Your Surrogate in person or video calls.

Of course all the surrogate are screened by an extensive application, interviews, psychological evaluations, a medical examination from the fertilization clinic, a criminal background check and a drug, nicotine and infectious disease screening, and ensure that they are financially self-supporting.


Funding to the trust account and sign the contract after matched.


Surrogate is medically prepared for an embryo implantation. Pregnancy results come back 10 to 12 days.


After about 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, IVF doctor will release her to her personal obstetrician.


Ready for baby delivery, we will help you on everything after baby born, such as the travel documents application and baby stuff preparation.

Gestational Surrogacy

Benefit of Gestational Surrogacy

  1. Gender selection and genetic testing on the embryo before implantation.
  2. Our legal team will be help to get your Parent’s Right before your baby born.
  3. Same-sex couples may have each of their names on their child’s birth certificate.

can still build and grow a family by surrogacy.

  1. Age

Ladies who tend to delay their pregnancy such as a focus on their career or acquisition of higher education. However, after the age of 35, the quality of eggs will decrease dramatically, which will make getting pregnant much more difficult.

  1. Infertility

For couples who suffer from infertility, IVF and surrogacy would be the way to lead to a highest success rate of getting pregnant for  biological tied baby.

  1. LGBT

Through using a donated egg or sperm and surrogacy program, more LGBT couples creating a wonderful family.

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost?

The cost of working with a surrogate mother varies, our team will figure out the best individual plan for you. So, if you are considering surrogacy as a means to start a family, you will need a budget that factors in the following:

  • Surrogate mother cost including compensation and reimbursements
  • Surrogacy agency fees
  • Psychological screening and monitoring
  • IVF Medical procedures and screenings for parent and surrogate
  • IVF Expenses to create embryos using your own or donated eggs
  • Legal representation and proceedings
  • Surrogate insurance

-Intended Parents FAQ-

What are the differences between Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy?

Gestational Surrogacy is a surrogate who is not genetically connected to the child she is carrying for the Intended Parents. The eggs are retrieved from the Intended Mother or an Egg Donor, are fertilized with the prospective father’s sperm or sperm donor, and then transferred to the Surrogate’s womb.

Traditional Surrogacy is a surrogate who also donates her eggs and has biological link to the child she is carrying for the Intended Parents.

Who are surrogates? How are surrogates screened?

Surrogates are from all different backgrounds who want to help others. All the surrogate must be prescreened and meet certain requirements before they can be matched with their families.

  • Age from 21 to 40
    ●Have a healthy BMI
    ● Non smoking and drug use
    ●Have previously carried at least one healthybabywith no complications
    ●Receive no governmental assistance and self financial supporting
    ●Have no felony convictions( both surrogate and her family)
    ●Submit medical and drug history information
    ●Complete background checks and an in-home assessment
    ●Complete a psychological evaluation and medical workup

How will I be matched with a Surrogate Mother?

Both Intended Parents and surrogate will complete the profile in details, and we will try the best to match your needs and desires to make sure both of you share similar beliefs, interests, etc. We will present you to view all of our available profiles and identify a Surrogate you are interested We will help you choose. We will share your profile with her and set up a meeting either via phone or in person. Once both of you agree to work together we consider you to be matched.

What are the chances of success with surrogacy?

The health and viability of the embryo you use, the health and the fertility history of the surrogate and the experienced IVF doctor’s perform of the embryo transfers will make your successful surrogacy rate.

Where is surrogacy legal?

Surrogacy is legal in many states in the U.S, however, each state has its own legality of surrogacy agreements. In California, surrogacy is legal, and is allowed for all families,  whether married, unmarried, or LGBT.

Why do women choose to become surrogates (gestational carries)?

Usually when woman see others has infertility or unable to conceive and they will be able to feel and eager to help them to become a parent.

How does the Surrogacy Agreement protect me?

This legal document is to allow each party to state their intentions and their responsibilities to one another which protect the rights and responsibilities of intended parents and the gestational surrogates such as Parental Right.